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Dave demonstrated a resolute and dogged determination to construct the strongest case possible for me. Dave carried out hours and hours of exhaustive, painstaking research to find the asbestos exposure.

– Sue (Port Trevorton, PA)

Dave Halpern has been a steady, guiding light for me and my wife as we confront mesothelioma. It is such a comfort to have strong, professional support in the fight of our life. SO FAR, SO GOOD!

– Bob and Sandy (Johnstown, PA)

Halpern law firm is excellent in handing my case. They keep me well informed on what going on and explain to me every step.

– William (McKeesport, PA)

Amazing lawyer really cares about the case.

– Paul

Dave Halpern and his team did a fantastic job dealing with the lawsuit my dad had. First for Asbestosis and then for Mesothelioma. They specialize in both. Dad’s health went downhill quickly but they fought on even after he passed. I’m grateful for all the effort they put forth.

– Bonnie (Somerset, PA)

I highly recommend the Halpern Law Firm. They have gone above and beyond on my case with the knowledge and compassion to get my children the financial security they needed after my diagnosis of Mesothelioma.

– M G (Scranton, PA)

Everyone was very nice and professional. We were very pleased with the outcome of our case. I would recommend them to anyone in the same situation.

– Rae (Altoona, PA)

Mr. Dave Halpern is by far excellent in his field. He not only will pay you a personal visit, he returns calls, answer all questions with clear and precise explanations. Through out the whole process he will keep in contact with you either by phone, email or whatever it takes. His investigation in research will reveal a complete analysis of the issue. He is a man of the highest integrity.

– Theresa

The Halpern Law Firm is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are very friendly and pleasant to work with. They know what they are doing and get results for you. I would recommend them to anyone needing an attorney.

– Bill

Everyone in the firm has been very helpful and has bent over backwards to answer any and all questions I have had. Every time I have called someone has always answered the phone. No machines. As well as helpful everyone has been very polite. Thank you Dave it is always a pleasure to talk to you.

– John

Dave was able to reach a great settlement for our family and we very much appreciate his efforts. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone in need of an asbestos attorney.

– Robert and Lee (Springfield, PA)

Halpern Law Firm is an extremely caring and efficient and detail oriented firm that works to provide its clients with the best possible service.

– Judy (Reading, PA)

My father was diagnosed with mesothelioma, David handled the case in a professional, thoughtful, caring manner and won an award for our family more than we anticipated.

– Lee

David and his team are amazing to work with. If you have Mesothelioma, this is the place to reach out to.

– Shawn

Great lawyer. Diligently represents his mesothelioma clients and has successfully recovered significant compensation for victims. Dave really cares and will go the extra distance to ensure that Pennsylvania mesothelioma victims get the compensation they deserve.

– Paul

My family could not be happier with Dave. From the initial conversation on a Saturday evening, Dave was fantastic at answering every question and keeping us informed. The settlement reached for our father was far more than we expected. The entire Halpern team is terrific to work with. True professionals!

– Scott (Springfield, PA)

Dave Halpern and his team are dedicated professionals who are thoughtful, compassionate, and supportive in caring for our case. Dave works extensively in his investigations. He keeps you up to date and well informed. Dave and his team work above and beyond. We highly recommend Dave Halpern. He is an excellent attorney who will take great care of you.

– Regis and Deborah (Pittsburgh, PA)

So glad we chose the Halpern Law firm. Dave and his team have gone above and beyond any expectations we could have hoped for in handling my father’s Mesothelioma case. They truly care for and get to know their clients. My father Charles is more than satisfied with the results of his case as Dave treated him like family and went above and beyond. If you or a family member are diagnosed with Mesothelioma, we highly recommend the Halpern Law firm. Thank you for everything, best call I ever made.

– Colton (Bloomsburg, PA)

Awesome legal firm to deal with. They’ve been kind, courteous and punctual when returning my calls. Above all concerned regarding my health issues.

– Donny

Thank you Mr. Halpern and staff. You have done a wonderful job representing my mother in her Mesothelioma journey. Thank you again for all your hard work.

– Dave

Dave and his law firm did an excellent job in obtaining compensation for my dad and his mesothelioma case. We appreciate everything he has done for our family.

– Brian

You can be sure that he does everything that he can possibly do for his clients. Dave is kind, compassionate, supportive, and always puts his clients’ needs first in his quest to obtain settlements with corporate lawyers regarding asbestos cases

– Janet (Jenkintown, PA)

First I am just thankful that we found someone to take my father’s case, this has been a challenging time for all of us and even in the best circumstances he isn’t always easy to work with, but he is our dad and this was very important to the whole family. The communication was always impressive, we always had our questions answered and we were updated regularly. We didn’t know what to expect, but the outcome FAR exceeded what we thought it would. Thank you!

– Charles

Mr. Halpern was extremely successful in handling our case…I highly recommend.

– Rob (Springfield, PA)

Dave Halpern is an excellent attorney; he personally calls you. Will take calls 24/7. When I was looking for an attorney for my father he was one of the few that was interested because my father was only diagnosed with asbestos. Most lawyers will only take your case if you have a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Not Dave he took it on. Unfortunately, it turned into mesothelioma and Dave has been superb. He is a great litigator and I highly recommend for your family needs.

– Janice (Somerset, PA)

Dave Halpern is a caring attorney who is dedicated to helping Mesothelioma/asbestos victims. The Halpern Law Firm’s top priority is their clients. I highly recommend Dave Halpern to anyone who is looking to receive Mesothelioma compensation!

– Emma

An excellent experience with Dave Halpern. He was able to dig out things that the defendants said they didn’t know about their own companies. Our awards were more than double what was first expected! We would definitely hire Mr. Halpern again! He is a very caring person that is concerned about his clients.

– Blaine (Port Trevorton, PA)

Since my Mother was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, The Halpern Law firm has been sincerely interested in my Mothers diagnosis and has been right on top of things. I highly recommend them. They are really helpful.

– Dave (Reading, PA)

I answer my phone and hear, “Dave Halpern, how ya doing?” From the beginning of my case I spoke directly with him. His staff are also exemplary! I have been kept informed throughout the entire process. Real information and realistic expectations.

– Jackie

Dave Halpern is an amazing mesothelioma attorney. He worked aggressively to identify all defendants responsible for our suffering from asbestos exposure. He is professional and personable. We are lucky to have worked with Dave and his team.

– Anne

The Halpern Law Firm is great. The entire team will work with you and get results for you. They have helped my husband and I get compensation for our claim in expedited time. They continue to work with you to get everything you deserve. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Their attitude and friendliness is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Jamie

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