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Mission Statement

The Halpern Law Firm strives to leave no stone unturned when providing legal services to Pennsylvania mesothelioma victims and their families through our commitment and dedication to our clients.

Vision Statement

To be the only choice for Pennsylvania mesothelioma victims seeking legal representation, while providing 100% client satisfaction.

Our Values


Our team fully commits to providing the best possible representation to mesothelioma victims, as their diagnosis is no fault of their own.


We always have and will continue to advocate for our clients who were neglected by their employers. Advocacy means being there for our clients and fighting to get them the justice they deserve.


Maintaining a positive attitude is beneficial to our clients, our team, and the overall outcome of the case. Positivity allows us and our clients to keep fighting for what is right, despite hurdles.


For us to build and maintain relationships, it is essential that we communicate effectively and frequently. It helps us as a team, and it helps us build strong relationships with our clients.


We work everyday knowing that we support our cause and live by our mission. Our values guide our work, and we know that we are fighting for a fruitful cause.

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