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Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyers like Dave Halpern are standing by now to help you and your family take legal action over asbestos-related illnesses. Bridgewater and Somerset County have high rates of asbestos-related deaths, mostly related to negligent exposure. You have a right to seek compensation.

Find out more about Dave Halpern and what he can do for you by visiting our Meet Dave Halpern Page. You can also contact him and get answers to your questions by filling out the Free Consultation form or by calling us at (800) 505-6000.

What is a Bridgewater Mesothelioma Lawyer?

Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyers are attorneys specializing in helping clients who have experienced asbestos exposure and gotten sick as a result. They know the local area, where companies used asbestos, and how to get compensation for their clients.

What Do Bridgewater Mesothelioma Lawyers Do?

Lawyers who work with mesothelioma patients provide several services, from medical resources to legal advice, investigations, and legal representation in lawsuits.

A Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyer has local experience and knowledge and can help you in several ways:

  • Getting a diagnosis for an asbestos disease
  • Providing options for recovering damages and taking legal action
  • Proving your illness is connected to past asbestos exposure
  • Investigating in the Bridgewater area to find out where, when, and how you were exposed
  • Searching for asbestos trusts to make a claim for compensation
  • Suing companies that caused your exposure and illness
  • Working with those companies to negotiate a settlement
  • Taking the case to court for a jury verdict if needed

Don’t wait for a diagnosis of mesothelioma to contact a lawyer. If you suspect or know you worked with or around asbestos in the past, you may be able to do something about it now. A Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyer will answer your questions in a free initial consultation.

Bridgewater and Somerset County Industries That Used Asbestos

Somerset County and Bridgewater have been inhabited for centuries but were long agricultural rather than industrial. Now a suburb with pharmaceutical companies employing many in the area, past workplaces did use asbestos and put workers at risk:  

  • American Cyanamid Company
  • American Smelting
  • Asarco
  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals
  • Devro Pilot Plant
  • Ethicon
  • Franklin Furnace
  • Johns Manville Corporation
  • New Jersey Zinc Company
  • Northwest Magnesite
  • Riegel Paper Corporation
  • Warren Manufacturing Company

Asbestos Exposure in Nearby Manville

The city of Manville in Somerset County and near Bridgewater is likely one of the main reasons asbestos-related deaths number so high in the area. The city developed around the Johns Manville Corporation, a company that manufactured asbestos products.

The manufacturing plant in the town provided thousands of people with work, but it also caused a lot of damage. The plant exposed many people to asbestos over the years. The harm was not just to plant workers. Older residents in the town describe seeing asbestos snow in the summer.

Workers also came home to their families, potentially contaminating them with asbestos fibers stuck to their clothes.

Residents and past workers have taken legal action, thanks to mesothelioma lawyers in New Jersey. Most recently, in 2019, a court awarded eleven Manville families more than $90 million because of loved ones lost to asbestos diseases.

The plant shut down in 1986, but Manville residents are still paying the price.

What Are Other Sources of Asbestos in Bridgewater?

In addition to industrial workplaces and the Manville site, Bridgewater and surrounding Somerset County have other sources of asbestos. These cause fewer cases of exposure but still pose risks.

The American Cyanamid Superfund area is one of these. The site has been cleaned up and rebuilt as the Bridgewater promenade, but it contained harmful chemicals and contaminants that polluted the area for many years.

Old buildings also pose risks for residents and workers. Bridgewater Township recently approved a measure to take down the historic Redwood Inn, known to contain asbestos. Older homes also often have asbestos.

Asbestos materials can become damaged or disrupted in these settings, causing fibers to come loose and contaminate the air and surfaces.

Do I Really Need a Bridgewater Mesothelioma Lawyer?

It’s not necessarily easy to determine if or when you need a lawyer, but when it comes to asbestos exposure, don’t hesitate. Reputable Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyers will offer you a free case evaluation. This gives you the chance to get your big questions answered and to get preliminary advice without fees.

In general, contact a mesothelioma lawyer if you:

  • Know for certain you worked with or around asbestos
  • Believe you may have worked around asbestos
  • Know or think you have been exposed to asbestos and now have troubling symptoms
  • Received a diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness, like mesothelioma
  • Don’t know where you could have been exposed to asbestos
  • Have tried to get compensation for mesothelioma without success
  • Lost a family member to mesothelioma

What Should I Look for in a Bridgewater Mesothelioma Lawyer?

The right Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyer for you is someone with relevant experience and a dedicated asbestos practice. Don’t settle for a lawyer who does not specialize in these cases. Asbestos cases are complicated and require specific expertise.

You also need someone who not only practices in New Jersey but knows Bridgewater and Somerset County. They will be able to connect you to the right resources and identify the source of your asbestos exposure.

Choose a lawyer who can show you past wins for clients like you. They should have a track record of negotiating settlements and getting jury verdicts for asbestos clients. Ask for references to be sure. A good lawyer will be happy to share feedback.

Finally, look for someone you feel comfortable working with and relying on to get the compensation you need. Good mesothelioma lawyers are dedicated to advocating for victims. They are compassionate and have experience working with people going through a terrible illness.

The repercussions of working around asbestos are devastating for people who get sick and their families. Contact a Bridgewater mesothelioma lawyer if you are going through this. Dave Halpern is an experienced asbestos attorney and has local expertise. Complete our Free Consultation form to get in touch or call us at (800) 505-6000.

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Dave Halpern, Mesothelioma Attorney

Dave Halpern is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey mesothelioma attorney with over 30 years of experience. He has investigated hundreds of cases and won numerous multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts for asbestos victims. Dave prides himself on working tirelessly to help his clients in their time of need. 

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