Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Lung Cancer Cases

As a 30-year advocate for asbestos victims, Dave Halpern has represented hundreds of people and successfully settled or litigated in many cases. These are just a few examples:

$14.5 Million Verdict

Diagnosed with mesothelioma at 53, this client worked as a welder in a steel mill. He worked with asbestos in fireproofing materials, gaskets, and pipe coverings in the Pennsylvania plant.

$4 Million Settlement

Also 62 at the time of his mesothelioma diagnosis, this client operated heavy equipment and furnaces at a Pennsylvania steel mill. He came into contact with asbestos in hot tops and pipe coverings.

$3.5 Million Verdict

A 62-year-old client received a mesothelioma diagnosis after working as a union electrician for decades. He worked in industrial settings, including power plants and steel mills in Kentucky.

$3.5 Million Settlement

At 56, this client received a mesothelioma diagnosis after working as a commercial and industrial electrician. He handled circuit breakers, controllers, and other electrical equipment that contained asbestos.

$3.2 Million Settlement

Diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 55, this man worked in construction, building industrial sites like power plants. He was exposed to asbestos in gaskets, pipe coverings, and cement products.

$2.9 Million Settlement

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, this client was diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 70. He worked as a machinist in the navy, coming into contact with asbestos in pumps and valves. Later in his career, he worked in New Jersey and Pennsylvania power plants and refineries again exposed to asbestos.

$2.3 Million Settlement

This 76-year-old client worked in construction and at a supply depot. He worked with plaster, siding, electrical equipment, and joint compounds made with asbestos.

$700,000 Settlement

This 76-year-old client received a lung cancer diagnosis after working as a pipefitter and machinist in a Pennsylvania power plant. He repaired pumps and valves with packing and gaskets made with asbestos.

$600,000 Settlement

An 81-year-old client diagnosed with lung cancer worked at a Pennsylvania power plant as a pipefitter, rigger, and machinist. He repaired boilers and turbines with asbestos.

$500,000 Settlement

This client received a lung cancer diagnosis at age 70. He had worked as a union pipefitter in a variety of industrial settings, including power plants, refineries, glass plants, and chemical plants.

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