Mesothelioma in Children and Young Adults

Asbestos Exposure: Children and Young Adults

Primarily affecting those who are 65 years and older, mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Although mesothelioma commonly occurs in older adults, it can also occur in children and younger individuals. Unfortunately, the exact cause of mesothelioma in younger patients is unclear, however research suspects several possibilities as to why.

For adults, occupational asbestos exposure is one of the primary causes of mesothelioma. Younger victims who are diagnosed with mesothelioma haven’t had a history of asbestos exposure, as asbestos-related illnesses typically take decades to develop.

Asbestos-Contaminated Products

Asbestos-contaminated products are known to be a potential cause of exposure for children. Many products such as crayons, cosmetics, and toys contained asbestos prior to the 1980’s. Additionally, researchers have discovered traces of asbestos in specific children’s toys in recent years. Children may also face the risk of asbestos exposure at home or in schools, due to aging construction materials that contain asbestos.

Symptoms in Children

Children who have mesothelioma often share the same symptoms as adults. Shared symptoms include breathing issues, chest pain, digestive issues, and abdominal pain. Early diagnosis is crucial, as the disease may progress more rapidly in pediatric cases.

Treatment For Younger Individuals

Treatment options for young mesothelioma patients are like those for older individuals. Chemotherapy and tumor-removing surgery are potential options for younger individuals. Notably, younger patients tend to have a longer median survival and a higher five-year survival rate due to their generally better overall health.

Risk Awareness

In conclusion, mesothelioma in children and young adults is a rare occurrence. However, it is crucial to be aware of the risks of asbestos exposure for younger individuals. Early detection and appropriate treatment are vital for improving the prognosis of young mesothelioma patients, who tend to have better survival rates compared to their older counterparts.

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