Environmental Asbestos Exposure

Although mesothelioma is usually associated with occupational exposure, there are instances of environmental exposure that can lead to mesothelioma as well as other asbestos-related diseases. Due to its heat resistance and other attractive chemical properties, asbestos was used a lot for industrial purposes and is still extracted from open pits.

Para-occupational Exposure

Para-occupational exposure occurs when someone who works with asbestos for their occupation then transports the fibers to their home. Para-occupational exposure is sometimes used interchangeably with take-home exposure, household contact and domestic exposure. However, para-occupational asbestos exposure has the closest connection to occupational exposure.

Washing clothes of workers who worked around asbestos is the most common form of para-occupational exposure. Cleaning areas of the home may also result in exposure as the person who was exposed occupationally may bring home the dust on their person and contaminate areas of the home. A person’s car may also be the cause of this type of asbestos exposure.

Throughout the world, hundreds of mesothelioma cases have occurred among family members of those who worked in industries associated with asbestos, such as shipbuilding, mining, manufacturing and insulating.

Neighborhood Exposure

People may experience neighborhood exposure if areas that they live in are contaminated with asbestos, because of it being used in an industrial sense in facilities. Exposures can occur through industrial point sources, such as through the air from processing, loading, ventilation, or waste disposal activities. Other ways people may be exposed are through the use of waste products from facilities that have used asbestos, that are then used for roads, soils, or other things.

Commercial Products

Commercial products may also contain asbestos. Even places in which asbestos exposure is banned, these products that were already in use may still very well be in use. Commercial asbestos products include adhesives, insulation, automotive brakes, asbestos cement products, flooring materials, roofing and ductwork parts.

There is also a cause for concern of exposure when people are renovating or demoing their home. A certain attic insulation material was used widely, and it contained asbestos. This insulation was called Zonolite Attic Insulation (ZAI). ZAI was used in a lot of homes and commercial buildings throughout the US. In fact, it was processed at more than 200 sites and then distributed or sold to local sites. It is thought that around tens of millions of homes contain this insulation.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos

Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) is asbestos that occurs naturally in rocks and soils. NOAs may be released into the air through natural weathering and human activities. Some human activities that may disturb asbestos fibers are recreational activities, road building and construction and harvesting of soils and rocks.

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Written By Sadie Gold

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