Conemaugh Power Station Asbestos Exposure

We have represented many former utility workers during our 32 years in operation.

The Conemaugh Power station is located in New Florence, PA near Johnstown, PA.

Conemaugh Power Station History

Most of the generating stations used steam to produce electricity. Conemaugh station began producing electricity in 1970. The beginning of operation of the mine mouth unit 1 added to other utility plants in the coal rich Chestnut Ridge Section of Pennsylvania.

The other utility plants included the Keystone and Homer City Generating Stations. Electricity from these generating stations flows over 1000 miles of transmission lines. The transmission lines provide for an interchange of power transmitting it from the power generating stations to distribution centers. Conemaugh station was owned by a group of electric companies.

How Were Employees of Conemaugh Power Station Exposed to Asbestos?

Many of our clients have worked in the maintenance or the production department of power generating stations. We have found asbestos was widely used in generating stations like Conemaugh. Large boilers were used to generate steam. The steam ran through miles and miles of pipes.

There were turbines, pumps, valves and steam traps. All of the piping and equipment was either covered with asbestos or contained it the form of gaskets and packing. Our clients were exposed to asbestos dust from their daily work in the maintenance of this equipment. Our research has shown that utility companies knew of the dangers of asbestos as early as the 1930s.

Unfortunately, this information did not make its way to our clients who were exposed to asbestos without proper precautions being taken on their behalf.

How Can Halpern Law Firm Help Employees of Conemaugh Power Station?

We have represented former utility workers who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. We have been successful in those representations of our clients who have suffered due to asbestos exposure. If you need our help, please give us a call at (800) 505-6000, we’re here to help.

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