Bethlehem Steel Asbestos Exposure in Johnstown, PA

We have represented many clients who have suffered from asbestos exposure and subsequent mesothelioma development from the Johnstown, PA area over the last 32 years that Halpern Law Firm has been in business. Johnstown is located in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Bethlehem Steel Asbestos Exposure in Johnstown, PA

Johnstown has a history of being a booming steel town starting in the 1800’s. Many other industries were also located in Johnstown. These industries included the electrical refractory manufacturing and construction.

Bethlehem Steel in Johnstown began in 1923 with the purchase of some existing steel plants in the area. Bethlehem manufactured steel until 1995. In that time, Bethlehem Steel became a large facility spanning almost 12 miles along the Conemaugh and Little Conemaugh rivers. Steel manufacturing involves many hot processes and needs the water from the rivers to use in the cooling processes.

Large open hearths melted molten pig iron. The molten steel was then tapped into large ladles. The molten steel was then poured from these ladles into ingot molds. The ingot molds were coated in asbestos to protect the hot tap castings from the molten steel. The asbestos dust from the molds went throughout the plant and exposed countless workers to asbestos.

Additionally, asbestos insulation was used on the pipes throughout the facility. Due to the hot environment and working with steel, the workers wore asbestos containing protective equipment including gloves and aprons. Dust from these protective materials would also be breathed in by the workers.

Asbestos exposure was very high at Bethlehem Steel in a large enclosed plant.

Other Manufacturing Sites in Johnstown, PA Linked to Asbestos Exposure

  • United States Steel (US Steel)
  • Pennsylvania Electric (Penelec)
  • Swank Refractories
  • Rosedale Coke Plant
  • Jones and Laughlin Steel
  • Bethlehem Steel Coal Mines
  • Conemaugh Power Station
  • Fruehauf Trailers

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