Asbestos Textile Health Implications

Asbestos Properties and Concerns

Asbestos, a dangerous mineral, has been known for its properties, such as heat resistance to corrosive substances, electrical fires, and high temperatures. The mineral was commonly used to produce asbestos textiles. These textiles were known to be prominent within numerous industries, especially for protective gear. However, despite asbestos’s properties, it has been known to have serious health risks.

Protective Clothing

Asbestos textiles played a huge role in creating protective gear worn by workers exposed to extreme conditions. In foundries, glassworks, and steel plants, employees often relied on asbestos garments to shield themselves from the extreme heat and molten materials. These protective outfits, including coats, gloves, leggings, and aprons, offered a layer of defense against the harsh working environments.

Asbestos Products

Asbestos textiles found their way into a wide range of products, from aprons and gloves to fire blankets and upholstery. However, when these textiles deteriorate or are damaged, toxic asbestos fibers are released into the air, posing significant health threats to those nearby. Diseases associated with asbestos exposure, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, have severely affected individuals who worked with or were exposed to these textiles.

Occupations At Risk

Textile mill workers were one of the many groups that were particularly at risk due to their dusty conditions handling raw asbestos. Firefighters, engineers, shipbuilders, and steel mill workers, all who have used asbestos textiles, are some of the other occupations at high risk. Even everyday consumers faced risks from asbestos-containing products like oven mitts and ironing board covers. The widespread use of asbestos textiles in household items emphasizes the pervasive nature of this hazard.

In the face of strong evidence linking asbestos textiles to serious health consequences, manufacturers have been held accountable in U.S. courts. Personal injury lawsuits have been filed by workers seeking compensation for illnesses such as mesothelioma and lung cancer, revealing that these companies were aware of the health risks but continued to use asbestos in their products. These legal actions underscore the importance of recognizing the historical use of asbestos textiles and its lasting impact on public health.

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Written By Jeff Nelson

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