Asbestos Manufacturing Within Amatex Corporation


Founded in 1950, Amatex Corporation, formerly known as American Asbestos Textile Corporation, is a textile manufacturer based in Pennsylvania. For several decades, because asbestos is known for its heat resilience and strength, Amatex Corporation heavily used asbestos during their manufacturing process to produce fireproof products. Some of the asbestos contained products produced included, but wasn’t limited to, yarn, thread, and cloth. As a decade passed, Amatex began branching out to produce additional products such as rope and wick. However, despite asbestos’s heat resilience and strength abilities, if this mineral is inhaled or ingested, it can cause some serious health risks.

Industries and Workers at Risk

Amatex Corporation’s products were distributed and used by a plethora of industries. Some of these industries known to extensively use Amatex’s asbestos products were construction, shipbuilding, pipefitting and heating and air conditioning. Due to the extensive use of asbestos products, many workers within these industries were at risk of asbestos exposure. Some of the workers at risk were factory workers, industrial workers, shipyard workers, construction workers, power plant workers, chemical plant workers, automotive plant workers, insulation workers, pipefitters, miners, boiler workers, and more. Unfortunately, what these workers didn’t know was that once you’re exposed to asbestos, it could cause several severe diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, the deadliest asbestos-related disease. The harsh reality is that companies, especially Amatex Corporation, knew the severe health risks of asbestos products but continued to produce and distribute them regardless. As a result, Amatex Corporation became one of the many asbestos manufacturing companies to face asbestos lawsuits during the 20th century.


In summary, Amatex Corporation, originally established as the American Asbestos Textile Corporation in 1950, was a significant contributor to the manufacturing of asbestos-based textiles. While the properties of asbestos, such as its heat resilience and strength, made it desirable for industries ranging from construction to shipbuilding, the health risks associated with its exposure, which the company was aware of, were severe. Workers across various industries were unknowingly exposed to these hazards, leading to serious health complications including lung cancer and the fatal mesothelioma. The disregard for public health by companies, including Amatex, not only put countless lives at risk but also led to a wave of legal battles throughout the latter part of the 20th century.

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Written By Jeff Nelson

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