Asbestos Exposure in New Jersey

Those living in New Jersey are highly more susceptible to getting asbestos related cancers such as mesothelioma compared to most places in the US. In fact, New Jersey has the sixth highest number of asbestos-related deaths in the US. The state has a lot of chemical plants, and those plants tend to have asbestos containing materials. For instance, Jersey’s chemical plants that may contain asbestos include Toms River Chemical Corporation, Heyden Chemical Corporation, Dupont and Tenneco Chemical Corporation. New Jersey also has many oil refineries that all contain asbestos.

Additionally, there are many power plants in New Jersey that contain asbestos because it was used in insulation from heat and electricity. Some of these power plants include New Jersey Power and Light Company, Perth Amboy Powerhouse, Jersey Central Power and Light Company and Powerhouse Essex Station.

Another reason residents of New Jersey are so prone to asbestos exposure is because there is so much coastline throughout the state. These coastlines are home to dry docks and shipyards with asbestos-containing materials. In Camden, NJ, the New York Shipbuilding corporation opened in 1900 and stayed open until the 1960s. By the time World war I started, New York Shipbuilding corporation was the largest shipbuilding facility in the world. At this shipyard, the pipe shops, power plant, dry docks, shipways and boiler shops had asbestos. Thousands of workers came into contact with it. Some occupations that had the greatest risk of asbestos exposure included machine operators, welders, insulators, repair workers, iron workers, pipefitters and laborers. Another shipyard, the Todd Shipyard, exposed employees to asbestos during the process of repairing and building ships.

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