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A Lakewood mesothelioma lawyer like Dave Halpern is an advocate for victims of asbestos exposure. Lakewood and Ocean County have high rates of asbestos-related deaths. These victims and their families have a right to take legal action.

To learn more about how he can help you and about his experience working with mesothelioma clients, visit our Meet Dave Halpern page. Fill out our Free Consultation form or call us at (800) 505-6000 to get in touch. Dave Halpern can answer all your questions about asbestos, mesothelioma, and your legal options.

What Do Lakewood Mesothelioma Lawyers Do?

Lakewood mesothelioma lawyers are experts in the laws relevant to asbestos exposure and resulting illness. They also specialize in their local areas.

To help clients, they must know where, how, and when asbestos was used in the surrounding area. These are some of the most important things mesothelioma lawyers do for their clients:

  • Track down where and when they were exposed to asbestos in Lakewood.
  • Find evidence of asbestos exposure and that it caused symptoms or illness.
  • Work with medical experts and specialists for treatment and evidence.
  • Find asbestos trusts and make claims for compensation.
  • File lawsuits and litigate against companies responsible for asbestos exposure.
  • Negotiate settlements for compensation out of court.
  • Provide a compassionate source of advice and information.

When Do I Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

Too many people assume they must have a firm diagnosis of an asbestos disease to work with a lawyer or take legal action. You do not need to have a diagnosis to talk to a lawyer about your concerns.

If you have any connection to asbestos and concerns about your health, you need to talk to a mesothelioma lawyer.

If you worked in any of the industries known to have used asbestos or for Lakewood companies with asbestos, contact a local mesothelioma lawyer. Even if you aren’t sure you have a reason to file a lawsuit or make a claim, they can advise you.

Where is Asbestos Found in Lakewood?

Lakewood’s founding has its roots in industrial work. It grew around an iron ore industry in the region. This industry gave the town an early name: Washington’s Furnace. Eventually, several iron works in the area made up the bulk of the local economy.

Lakewood eventually became more of a farming and resort community, but it never totally lost its industrial past.

In the mid-1900s, the city utilized the state’s Blight Act to create large industrial parks from older, condemned spaces. The area now has the largest industrial park in the state. Although its industry was never as big as in other areas of the state, many workplaces in and around Lakewood used asbestos.

Many of the older buildings, including resorts and hotels, also included asbestos in their construction. Today, Ocean County has a high rate of asbestos-related deaths as a result of these companies and buildings.

Some of the companies in and around Lakewood that used asbestos include:

  • Forest Hotel Company
  • K.G. Builders
  • Lakewood and Coast Electric Company
  • Lakewood Hotel and Land Association
  • Lakewood Water, Light, and Power Company
  • Wheaton Plastics Company

Could I Have Been Exposed to Asbestos in Lakewood?

The health effects of asbestos usually take decades to manifest. Anyone exposed in the area many years ago may only be getting sick now.

You could have been exposed if you worked in one of the buildings or for one of the local companies that used asbestos. Also in danger is anyone who worked in these jobs, considered to be high-risk for asbestos exposure:

  • Construction, both skilled and laboring jobs
  • Demolition
  • Building maintenance
  • Factory or manufacturing
  • Insulation installation or repair
  • Iron works or foundries
  • Firefighter
  • Power plants
  • Railroad jobs
  • Shipyard jobs, including navy veterans
  • Auto mechanics

Teachers and government workers can also be at risk. Many older public buildings contain asbestos. If left to deteriorate or destroyed during renovation work, these materials can contaminate the space and harm workers.

How to Find the Right Lakewood Mesothelioma Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer for advice or to represent you, you do not have to settle for the first one advertising mesothelioma services. The right lawyer will have asbestos experience and knowledge of Lakewood and Ocean County.

Like Dave Halpern, they should have asbestos cases as the main focus of their practice and years of experience working with asbestos victims. Choose someone who can show you evidence of past wins, references from clients, and the time and resources to be able to handle your case.

Our Free Consultation form can get you in touch with Dave Halpern, an advocate for asbestos victims in Lakewood. You can also call us at (800) 505-6000 to find out more and to get help for you and your family.

Page Reviewed and Edited by
Dave Halpern, Mesothelioma Attorney

Dave Halpern is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey mesothelioma attorney with over 30 years of experience. He has investigated hundreds of cases and won numerous multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts for asbestos victims. Dave prides himself on working tirelessly to help his clients in their time of need. 

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